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Board of the association
Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU

"Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU" started as a grassroots movement a few days after the escalation of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. Our network quickly grew to over 700 volunteers of various nationalities and professions. Day after day, they sorted kilos of diapers, shampoo, pasta, canned meat, winter boots, sleeping bags and baby food in a warehouse in Zurich. Volunteers with backgrounds in medicine, nursing or pharmacy were entrusted with medications. In the meantime, the grassroots initiative has become professionalized and since May 2022 it has been operating as an association in the sense of Art. 60ff ZGB. ZhdU is a large network. What unites us is solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the desire to make a difference with our civil society engagement.

The association is led by the board team in strategic, operational and logistical matters. ZhdU does not pursue commercial purposes and does not seek profit. The association is independent of party politics and denominations.


Paul Müller

Co-President ZhdU - Logistics


Mattei Batruch

Co-President ZhdU - Medical


Lita Nguyen

Project manager

Project manager  ZhdU


Sandra Lang

Social ScientistFinances ZhdU


Sarah Paciarelli


Communication ZhdU


Why we
help Ukraine

We are shocked by the war in Europe. Through our work in Switzerland, we alleviate the hardship of war-affected people in Ukraine. We set an example for the preservation of democratic values in Europe. On site in Zurich, we make a contribution to civil society and Switzerland's humanitarian tradition. In a war where individuals are helpless on their own, we get together to help alleviate the pain.


Slava Ukrayini!

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