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How we help Ukraine

Jahresbericht 2022

Der Jahresbericht 2022 dreht sich um die Entstehung und Entwicklung von ZhdU – von einer Graswurzelbewegung hin zu einer Organisation. Erfahren Sie alles über unsere Aktivitäten und unsere Finanzen. Die Revision erfolgte am 5. April 2023. De Revisionsbericht liegt vor.

Emergency in Ukraine

Basic services have been paralyzed in the contested war zones. Ukrainian men, women and children are fleeing and hiding in their own country without access to food, water and much-needed medicines.

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How we help

For months, we accepted donations from residents, hospitals, companies and institutions in a walk-in hub in Zurich. The people in the Ukrainian war zones still urgently need emergency aid. Today, ZhdU specialises mainly in supplying hospitals, orphanages and care facilities in Ukraine. The cooperation with H+, the national umbrella organisation of public and private Swiss hospitals, clinics and care institutions, is particularly noteworthy here.

Safe transport of humanitariad aid to Ukraine

 The donations are checked, sorted, packed, labeled and prepared for transport by volunteers. Documents and a seal from our partner, the Ukrainian Embassy in Switzerland, ensure unhindered export. The pallets of aid from Switzerland are loaded onto trucks in Zurich and delivered by courageous drivers to a logistics center in western Ukraine and/or to project partners on site. From there, the humanitarian aid is transported further into the country and distributed among the war-affected people in Ukraine.

Ukraintsi neymovirni

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