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Life keeps on going in Ukraine with hundreds of babies being born daily.  However, the consequences of war have led to a rise in premature births and complicated deliveries. These babies need special care, particularly in the challenging winter months, while their parents need heartwarming support and solidarity.

Premature babies can suffer from subcooling when the temperature is getting low. Together with Early Birds, a Ukrainian Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Children operating since 2016, Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU plans to provide warmth to these fragile “early birds”.

With CHF 50, you can support a premature baby in Ukraine with warmers, baby sleeping bags and other essentials

With the support of the Swiss Taskforce for Ukrainian Healthcare, which includes "H+ the Hospitals of Switzerland", we would like to raise 20,000 Swiss francs to improve rehabilitation therapy in Ukraine with Luna Physio by Sensopro. "Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU" is taking care of the logistics and will deliver the equipment directly to the beneficiary healthcare facilities, the Modrychi Rehabilitation Centre and the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital.
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A bundle of warmth for newborns

Parents and newborns in Ukrainian maternity hospitals have a hard time. Electricity is only available by the hour in some areas. Water and heat supplies are not always guaranteed and are interrupted several times a day. Generators prevent the worst - especially in the cold winter. With just 50 Swiss francs, donors were able to help a baby in Ukraine survive the winter by financing a thermal sleeping bag and a heat dispenser. Made possible with the help of Hack4Health, the Swiss Taskforce for Ukrainian Healthcare and Rany Ptashky.

Charity concert on May 31 in Zurich

ZhdU goes to EXIL! On 31 May 2023, the Ukraine Charity Jazz Concert will take place at the legendary Zurich music club Exil! The proceeds from ticket sales will go entirely to the Ukrainian musicians and ZhdU!  

Wednesday, 31 May 2023
7 to 11 p.m.
Hardstrasse 245
8005 Zurich

Medical devices for neonatology

Infant warming systems are used in the care and monitoring of premature and newborn infants. ZhdU delivered to clinics and hospitals in the Ukrainian cities of Sumy, Pokrovsk, and Mykolaiv. The infant warming systems from Switzerland create a warm environment. Temperature measurements provide early indications of temperature fluctuations and can be observed on the display.