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Rehabilitation for injured Ukrainians with Luna Physio


With the support of the Swiss Taskforce for Ukrainian Healthcare, which includes "H+ the Hospitals of Switzerland", we would like to raise 20,000 Swiss francs to improve rehabilitation therapy in Ukraine with Luna Physio by Sensopro. "Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU" is taking care of the logistics and will deliver the equipment directly to the beneficiary healthcare facilities, the Modrychi Rehabilitation Centre and the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital.


Ukrainian specialists are doing everything they can to help the injured and sick recover. At the same time, efforts are hampered by the lack of appropriate equipment, especially in physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.
That's where we are helping!


Modrychi is one of the best rehabilitation centres in Ukraine. It currently accommodates 110 patients with the aim of restoring their mobility as much as possible. It was founded in 2015 in the western Ukrainian city of Truskavets. Since then, more than 4 000 patients of all ages have been treated there, about 10% in critical condition. The centre specialises in rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, etc. It often takes on the most difficult cases. It often accepts the most difficult cases that are rejected by public or private clinics. Almost 80% of the patients cannot afford the cost of their stay. Modrychi offers them free treatment. Although it is a private centre, the income is only enough to cover salaries and operating costs. There is a lack of funds for the purchase of equipment. We want to change that!

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Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital

Luna Physio is currently urgently needed for the rehabilitation department at Kiev's Ohmatdyt Hospital, the largest children's hospital in Ukraine. As a result of Russian aggression, the children's hospital is full of young patients. They have suffered under Russian occupation or experienced terrible things under fire. These children need long-term rehabilitation under constant supervision of professionals in the appropriate rehabilitation department. Luna Physio is also of great benefit to children. With the help of the appropriate equipment, Ohmatdyt's medical professionals will be able to provide quality rehabilitation to nearly 10,000 children annually, promoting recovery and enabling a return to a vibrant childhood and normal life.

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Luna Physio

The Luna Physio device from the Swiss manufacturer Sensopro enjoys great recognition among Swiss doctors and rehabilitation specialists. It is suitable for all patients, regardless of their state of health or physical abilities, and is excellent for coordination training. The exercises can be adapted to individual needs. With the support of "H+ Hospitals of Switzerland", we would like to raise 20,000 Swiss francs to improve rehabilitation therapy in Ukraine with Luna Physio.


With a donation, you make it possible to purchase Luna Physio for the Modrychi Rehabilitation Centre and the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital.

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Support us with a donation

The reconstruction of Ukraine begins with the recovery of its people. With a donation of CHF 25, CHF 50, CHF 100 or more, you can make this vision a reality.


Bank details for transfers from Switzerland and abroad:

Recipient: Zuerich hilft der Ukraine ZhdU

Name of the Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich

IBAN: CH75 0070 0114 8067 5394 5


Purpose of transfer: rehab

Heroiam slava!

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